The team behind Blinds in Print continues to innovate

Sound Reducing Fabrics for
Peace and Calm in your Interiors

The Team behind Blinds in Print bring the Ingenious Blinds and Curtain Fabrics that reduce noise and absorb sound


Many facilities in the hospitality industry, workplaces and homes all over Australia have experienced issues with poor acoustic at some point. These issues heavily affect quality of work in office environments, not the mention the quality of the stay in the hotels industry.

High density living, modern building trends of high ceilings, hard surfaces and minimalist furniture have resulted in an epidemic of noise pollution. When interiors are failing in providing the sanctuary from the overwhelming city noise, we experience various issues in our overall well-being, from sleep disorders and general feelings of discomfort, to mental health problems.


Our Innovative and first of the kind, Acoustic Blinds and Curtain fabrics are specially designed to improve the acoustics of any room – by reducing noise and absorbing sound. These fabrics combine natural, sound absorbing raw materials with a unique ‘fabric construction’ to maximise sound absorption.

Acoustic Blinds and Curtains have been scientifically tested and proven effective using global testing standards (Noise Reduction Coefficient or NRC) – to provide 4x the noise reduction and sound absorption of traditional Blinds and Curtains – effective against all kinds of traffic, aircrafts, neighbours, ocean, and other noises.

Acoustic Blinds and Curtains have a growing range of fabrics and colours – and offer all of the standard product options – so you don’t need to compromise your sense of style!

Acoustic Blinds and Curtains offer free measure and quote all over Australia.

Learn more about the products today: https://www.acousticblindsandcurtains.com.au