Intelligent Textiles for Post Covid-19 Era in Hospitality Design

With the situation with Covid-19 pandemic still ongoing, we are yet to see the aftermath in the next months or years, however,  it’s evident that many standards in hospitality are changing, from pre-arrival communication to contactless check-ins and check-outs, voice-activation services, density restrictions throughout, and so on. Many hotels are dedicating certain rooms with increased hygienic and hypoallergenic levels for highly sensitive guests.

Guest expectations, particularly in cleanliness and safety, are raised, and we might also witness the revaluation in interior design and furnishing of public spaces in the future.

Hospitality sectors that experience higher levels of personal contact are looking for ways to implement higher sanitation standards in a sustainable and more maintainable manner.

A distinct point of concern is soft surfaces such as various textiles and upholstery, which are a potential source of bacteria, even more so as we know some types of bacteria can survive on soft surfaces for long periods. As soft furnishings are essential parts of hospitality design, providing comfort, intimacy, sound absorption, make the room inviting, these areas need additional efforts in attention and care.

While some textiles, like bedspreads or throw cushions, are relatively less of a concern for cross-contamination as they are regularly washed, that is not the case when it comes to curtains and upholstery.

A great way to tackle this issue and add safety, low maintenance and quality with soft furnishings in hospitality design, is by incorporating intelligent textiles that remove environmental stress from rooms, whilst also destroying bacteria.

One of such intelligent textile products is Drapilux, an award-winning German brand, coming from a company that has been innovating and developing intelligent textiles since 1956.

Drapilux ticks all relevant boxes in commercial textiles and responds to current concerns trough the cutting-edge textile technology. Apart from offering attractive, high-quality window dressing and upholstery options, Drapilux collections also provide flame-retardant, air-purifying and odour removal, antimicrobial properties, as well as the acoustic effect. All these properties are retained in the fabric even after frequent washing and years of heavy wear. The microbial count on any Drapilux bioactive fabric is reduced by more than 99 percent compared to textiles without added functions. This function ensures the fabric remains permanently bacteria free.